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I am an interdisciplinary artist who works within the disciplines of fiber crafts and time-based media. I examine the domestic space, from the perspective of my own childhood home, drawing materials from worn clothing, broken toys, and other household artifacts. My work focuses on the small and seemingly invisible aspects of this place that holds my changing identity and a shifting memory within them. My practice is a continuation of the world around us, using the framework of phenomenology to engage in a relationship with my viewers, and my most intangible material; time.

My urgency lies in this precarity, how much longer will I have with these people in this old house? There is an anxiety in knowing that things will suddenly and irreparably change. Or will things change so slowly I will barely notice it? 

What happens when the familiar becomes unfamiliar? This turning point between knowing and unknowing is where I want to place my viewer, in a state of recollection and confusion. 

Memory is elusive. A gale kicks sand in my mouth or a late afternoon beam of light blinds me. Memory is sensorial. I feel both inside and outside of the body. So, I give memory a place to live. What I mean by place is a structure, a built space with boundaries. Memory belongs to somewhere. It has safe shelter here, in my art. 

I stand facing the house and act out what it is like to be a bush in the yard. I hang toys from the trees and weave around them, observing the effects of weather and the deconstruction of my work. I catalog the sounds of movement in the home; doors creaking, radiators hissing, the hum of a refrigerator. I sew around and around in a circle, quilting together tiny scraps, connecting the puzzle pieces of a life. I imbed the threads and shoddy from my work into felted pages, continuing the cycle of reworking and remaking. I search for the self, for my place in the world, and find the answer different each time. These dualities exist within me, a deep reverence and holding tight, and a relief that someday it will all be out of my hands.

Artist Statement

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